Paintings 2004/2011

Spruce and squirrels 2011, 120x80 cmI Getsemane 2004, 176,5x240 cm

New happy man 2008, 160x115 cm Oppstandelse 2011, 240x176,5 cm
Bits and pieces 2011, 100x90 cm D.M.G.E.P 2011, 176,5x240 cm
Blue Goghney 2011, 85x64 cm Flesh walk 2011, 140x112 cm
Midnight 2011, 61x50 cm Green Goghney 2011, 61x55 cm
Orange Goghney 2011 Self 2011, 120x90 cm
Yellow Goghney 2011, 128x87 cm Zap 2011, 180x125 cm
Cabbage Head 2011, 61x50 cm

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